What Is

Event Liability Insurance


Special event liability insurance protects you against losses stemming from personal injuries or property damage at your event.  Medical payments, lawsuits, and property repairs are a few of the most common costs that will be covered by your policy. Additional coverage options to protect against losses from cancellation or postponement of your event due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances can be added to your policy as well.

What We Offer

Events Covered

Eventsured provides coverage for weddings, sporting events, conferences, business meetings, concerts, birthday/holiday parties and many more! Most venues will require the host of the event to purchase the insurance and we will be there to assist your every need.

Losses Covered

Bodily Injury

Losses associated with bodily injury typically stem from lawsuits regarding medical payments and loss of income.

Personal and Advertising Injury

Protects against goods and services associated with libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement and misappropriation of advertising ideas.

Property Damage

Protection against physical damage to the venue, including building structures, appliances, props, etc..


In the event that legal action is taken, fees and losses associated with the claim are covered through this special event liability insurance.

Medical Payments

Costs most closely associated with bodily injury would be covered through thi event insurance.

Cancellation and Postponement

Insurance that includes coverage for cancellation and postponement can protect against lost deposits and fees for rescheduling.

A Few Scenarios

Often, we assume that nothing will go wrong and no one will get hurt. Unfortunately, accidents happen. In case they do, we want you to be prepared.

Bodily Injury

Your favorite charity has decided to hold a gala to recognize all of the work you and fellow members have put into making this foundation a successful one. It’s important to the foundation’s board that families of members and contributors alike all come to enjoy a good time at this dress-to-impress event. When the bands starts to move into a few dance songs, one of the women decides to let loose on the dance floor. Things take a turn for the worse when her high heels get stuck in her long dress and she badly injures her knee in the process. While she gets helped off the dance floor, you’re worrying about her health status. You never want to see someone get hurt, but to make matters worse, the incoming medical payments could be your responsibility. Luckily for you, you knew that event liability insurance was a necessity when it comes to these types of events. In this instance, you are free of financial responsibility, and the insurance company will take care of all medical payments.

Estimated cost if you are insured: $324

Estimated cost if you are NOT insured (surgery & rehab): $50,000+

Property Damage

Your daughter is getting married and you’ve happily taken on the responsibility of planning the wedding. The venue needs to be booked, as do photographers and caterers, and a beautiful gown needs to be purchased, of course. As your daughter begins making her decisions, you begin to realize how quickly costs start adding up and going over your already set budget. As you approach the big day,  it’s time to pay all of the vendors and the venue in full leaving your bank account to the bare minimum. So, what happens if the caterers start a fire while getting the food ready?  Legally, it is the event host’s responsibility. Because you prepared for unexpected costs, the wedding insurance policy you purchased includes Property Damage, which will cover the damage to the venue.  In addition, there is no deductible on the coverage so you can take a deep breath and continue to enjoy your daughter’s big day.

Estimated cost if you are insured: $362

Estimated cost if you are NOT insured (including property damage): $1,200,000

Liquor & Car Accidents

Your company threw a successful holiday party and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Tom from accounting looked like he was having the most fun as he lingered by the open bar, generously provided by the company. Unnoticed by fellow co-workers, Tom leaves the party unfit to drive and gets into an accident on his way home. Because Tom consumed the alcohol at the company’s holiday party, he puts the blame on the company for having an open bar. Don’t worry – the company’s profits and Tom’s misjudgment will not have to pay the price because you purchased event insurance.

Estimated cost if you are insured: $272

Estimated cost if you are NOT insured: $35,000