Bride and Groom holding flowers

5 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

A lot of couples tend to overlook wintertime as a possibility for their wedding. Summer and fall are normally the peak wedding seasons, but that doesn’t mean having a winter wedding doesn’t have its benefits. Yes, it can get cold, but from cheaper prices to amazing decor there are so many reasons to consider beating the heat. Here are 5 advantages to throwing a winter wedding this season. Cheaper Prices As we mentioned, summer and fall are the most popular times to have a wedding, because of this, booking a wedding during those seasons is very expensive. For some vendors and locations the winter is considered their off-season, this means that they are more likely to negotiate on a price. You might get yourself a big discount on your venue just by changing the season you get married in. More Availability Since the winter months are not a prime wedding season, there is less [...]