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5 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

A lot of couples tend to overlook wintertime as a possibility for their wedding. Summer and fall are normally the peak wedding seasons, but that doesn’t mean having a winter wedding doesn’t have its benefits. Yes, it can get cold, but from cheaper prices to amazing decor there are so many reasons to consider beating the heat. Here are 5 advantages to throwing a winter wedding this season.

Cheaper Prices

As we mentioned, summer and fall are the most popular times to have a wedding, because of this, booking a wedding during those seasons is very expensive. For some vendors and locations the winter is considered their off-season, this means that they are more likely to negotiate on a price. You might get yourself a big discount on your venue just by changing the season you get married in.

More Availability

Since the winter months are not a prime wedding season, there is less competition with venues because most couples are trying to secure a summer date instead. This means that your top choice in a venue is more likely to be available. Booking a winter date also means that there probably won’t be back-to-back weddings at the venue you selected. This means the venue can be more flexible about ceremony/reception times and will be able to give you more attention on your big day. 

Bonus Décor

Because the winter months are surrounding the holidays, venues will decorate for them. Between the holiday’s lights, tinsel, garland, snowflakes and more the venue will already look like a winter wonderland without you having to spend a dime. Plus not to mention if it snows during your wedding, what’s more beautiful than that! 

It’s Something Different

This might seem a little obvious, but a winter wedding is so unique and who wants to be like everyone else? Couples today normally go for a fall or summer wedding and they look the same. From the winter color palette and beautiful flowers to the seasonal decor and furs a winter wedding will stand out will make your special day one that everyone will remember.

The Honeymoon

We can’t forget one of the best parts of a wedding, the honeymoon! The winter season is the best time to plan your tropical getaway and escape the cold. You can also avoid the high prices of vacations during peak season and the many crowds of summer vacationers. This means you can enjoy your trip as newlyweds without the high prices and distractions.

Overall, there are so many great reasons to have a winter wedding. If you’re someone who loves a good deal, wants to stand out, and doesn’t mind the snow you should consider hosting a winter wedding.

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