Something Borrowed: Superstition meets Tradition

Contrary to what some believe, not all superstitions have malicious origins. The old Victorian poem describing a recipe for wedded bliss has some rather sweet and sentimental symbolism. For those unfamiliar with this poem, it goes, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

The Old and The New

Adding something old is meant to symbolize both tradition and heritage. It’s about carrying your past into your future. You aren’t coming from nothing or cutting ties with your roots. Since the “old” item is frequently a family heirloom, it can also serve as a good indication that your union has the support of your family.

Conversely, something new symbolizes new beginnings. A new chapter in your life is starting, and you are fully embracing it and your commitment to the family you and your partner are building together.

The Borrowed and Blue

Something borrowed is my personal favorite. It symbolizes shared knowledge. The idea is that you have people who will support and advise you and your partner through the good and the bad. It’s extra lucky if the “something borrowed” comes from a happily married couple. The idea being some of their marital bliss will rub off on you.

Blue is the color of love. Or at least it was in Victorian England. I could mention some blue flowers that mean love and faith, like forget-me-nots or violets, but I believe the notion actually goes back to art. Historically, blue was one of the hardest colors to achieve. Because of its rarity (and therefore expense), painters often reserved the color for painting the Virgin Mary. For its association with her, blue was deemed a symbol of a pure, everlasting kind of love. 

Whether you embrace this tradition for some extra luck or not, uniting your past and future, the support of your friends and family, and a romantic notion or two seem like a sweet sentiment to start any marriage. 

If you have a lucky wedding superstition you’d like to share, be sure to comment below.

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