Out-of-the-Box Office Party Ideas

While we are known for our wedding insurance coverage, at Eventsured, we love a holiday party too! Read on to hear about our favorite out-of-the-box holiday party ideas.

In Office Holiday Ideas

A holiday party doesn’t need to break the bank, and having it onsite can be a great way to keep costs down. Some easy decorations, turning off the phones early, and having an office happy hour can really shift an office space into that holiday feeling.


Keep things interesting with a little competition. Have people compete for the best ugly holiday sweater, best-decorated cubicle, best holiday cookies, or gingerbread house. Adding a competition (or competitions) is a great way to give your employees a stake in getting involved with the party.
You can also entertain everyone with some holiday karaoke, office reindeer games, or a classic holiday movie playing in the background.


Food is a party must, especially if you are allowing your workers to drink. That doesn’t mean it needs to be anything too fancy. One way to keep costs down is to turn the party into a potluck where everyone can bring in their own favorite holiday dish to share. Not only does it keep costs down, but it can be a great way for coworkers to learn more about each other.

Alternatively, you can surprise your employees with their favorite food truck for an unexpected delight and less setup/takedown than a fully catered event.

Out of Office

Take your crew somewhere new and fun. New venues are opening all the time, and places unique to your area are worth checking out. In general, I recommend choosing somewhere with a built-in activity and food. Try to pick an activity that anyone at your company could have fun with.

Up and Moving

Not all activities are created equal. If your staff are the energetic type, try a more active venue like a bowling alley, driving range, axe-throwing venue, ice skating rink, or go-kart track. There are countless options for you to choose from, and these types of activities leave plenty of room for mingling.

More Cerebral Activities

If physical exertion isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of venues for you to consider. You can book an Escape Room, rent out a Movie Theatre, or rent out a painting (or other craft) studio. The set task also makes for a clear start and end time.

Virtual Office

If your company has recently made the change to all virtual, that doesn’t mean you need to cancel the holiday party.

Virtual Cooking Class

Turn your holiday party into a cooking class. You can hire a specialized company to host a class just for your employees so you can cook alongside each other. A lot of these companies will even send boxes with all the ingredients to each employee on your list. If cooking isn’t your thing, they offer virtual bartending classes as well.

Virtual Holiday Games

Send your employees a care package with everything they will need for the holiday party. You can do virtual trivia, charades, races, cookie decorating contests, or even a White Elephant Exchange. To do a white elephant exchange, have everyone send their gag gifts to the office ahead of time so you can disperse them in the care packages when they get sent.

If you have any great holiday party ideas or are looking to get your party insured, let us know in the comments below!

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