Something Borrowed: Superstition meets Tradition

Contrary to what some believe, not all superstitions have malicious origins. The old Victorian poem describing a recipe for wedded bliss has some rather sweet and sentimental symbolism. For those unfamiliar with this poem, it goes, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” The Old and The New Adding something old is meant to symbolize both tradition and heritage. It’s about carrying your past into your future. You aren’t coming from nothing or cutting ties with your roots. Since the “old” item is frequently a family heirloom, it can also serve as a good indication that your union has the support of your family. Conversely, something new symbolizes new beginnings. A new chapter in your life is starting, and you are fully embracing it and your commitment to the family you and your partner are building together. The Borrowed and Blue Something borrowed is my personal favorite. It symbolizes shared knowledge. The idea [...]

How to Prepare for Fall Weather at Your Wedding

Changing Seasons :: Changing Venues Fall is in the air.. Or perhaps not quite yet, but it’s on its way. As the seasons change and the sweltering summer heat begins to cool off, more and more couples are getting ready for an outdoor wedding. If you are planning for an outdoor celebration there are a few things to consider like daylight, temperature, and precipitation. Light to Dark One trend we’re seeing this fall is early ceremonies and evening receptions. This allows couples to take advantage of those quintessential fall views like the changing leaves or autumn flowers. Fall days can provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos, and of course beautiful fall days lead to stunning fall sunsets and alluring autumn nights.  If you do opt for an evening ceremony or reception, think about light sources. There are a lot of creative ways to create an atmosphere with your lighting, for example [...]