A Couple Whose Wedding Budget Doubled Due To Multiple Disasters

A Couple Whose Wedding Budget Doubled Due To Multiple Disasters

Usually brides, think about the worst case scenario on their big day. Whether the caterer doesn’t deliver as expected or the DJ plays the worst selection of music. But Stephanie Lowther from the UK has experienced some disastrous scenarios even before she walks down the aisle. It’s gotten so bad that the bride wants to cancel her big day altogether. Stephanie recently spoke with Teesside Live and confessed, “It’s been so distressing. I’m thinking ‘what’s the point? Is this a sign?’ I’ve got no interest anymore.” The string of disasters has sent her and her soon-to-be husband, Lewis Barker-Platt, way over budget and leaving her feeling like her wedding is spiraling out of control.

We have highlighted all of the events that lead Stephanie up to the point of canceling her wedding below. Do you think you will have the ability to tolerate all of these roadblocks?

Problem #1: The Struggle To Find A Venue

Of all the things a bride wants to secure is her venue. It’s one of the most expensive item on a couples budget. However for Stephanie, she went through not one but three different venues.

It started when a rude supervisor at her first choice of venue told Stephanie her wedding plans were “sugar, honey, iced-tea” if you know what we mean. Stephanie didn’t tolerate the staff member’s behaviour and demanded a refund. The next venue then shut suddenly before Christmas and never reopened. Finally, Stephanie found a third venue she was interested in and booked in for her big day. But disaster struck again when they phoned back and said it had already been booked for a sporting event.

Problem #2: Delayed Bridesmaid Dresses

The dresses for her bridesmaids didn’t arrive for months after the shop was flooded. It then went bust and she had to pay a huge bill to have them altered separately.

The whole bother has cost the couple £7,500 ($9,513.75 USD) so far. This is double their original budget. Now Stephanie and Lewis, who works as a primary school teacher, are hoping nothing else goes wrong in the lead up to the big day on July 27, 2019. Stephanie said: “I’m just thinking what’s the next thing that’s going to go wrong?”

Even though Stephanie is feeling pessimistic, all couples should hope for the best but prepare for the worst. But preparation shouldn’t only be for your wedding day. All couples should make sure venues and vendors are locked in a contract. If they break the contract, you won’t have to financially struggle with having to find a replacement at the last minute. By obtaining Wedding Insurance, you can be protected against, cancellations, postponement, deposits and more. Visit Eventsured for more information.

Image Credit: TeessideLive

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