6 Alternative Wedding Ideas for Modern Couples

Weddings are not supposed to be a “one size fits all’ kind of event. They are unique experiences for everyone so why not embrace that? If you want to add your own special twist to your big day, then we have a few ideas that could help make your event a night to remember.

Private Last Dance

Most couples either have their last dance in front of their guests or don’t have one at all. Instead, you can have a private last dance between just you and your partner. Your wedding day is emotionally draining, goes by extremely fast, and you’re surrounded by hundreds of people the entire day. Having a private last dance will give you and your partner a chance to slow down and enjoy the feeling of newlywed bliss together. After the dance, all your guests will be waiting outside the venue and you can still have the grand exit of your dreams!

Disposable Cameras

Your wedding is a day you never want to forget so you want to take as many pictures as possible. Yes, you have your phones and a professional photographer but it’s something about the fun and raw pictures that can be captured with a disposable camera that makes it such a great idea. It is a great way to get your wedding guests involved while also staying within budget. Polaroid cameras can cost around $100 and that doesn’t include the film included. Compared to a disposable camera that ranges from $10 to $20 dollars and has around 27 exposures. Everyone can be a photographer with a disposable camera and it’s a great way to engage with your guests while also making memories that will last forever.

First Look With Your Pet

The first look with your partner isn’t exactly a unique idea, but what about the first look with your pet? Many couples look for different ways their beloved pet can be a part of their big day and the first look with your furry family member is a great option. Instead of you and your partner looking at each other for the first time before the wedding you can have your pet react to seeing you all dressed up. Not only will your pet be a part of your big day but you’ll get the cutest pictures ever!

Exchanging Letters Before The Ceremony

As we mentioned before, your wedding day can fly by, so it’s important to take a few seconds in the day to share with your partner. Exchanging handwritten notes before the ceremony is a great way to share an intimate moment together. It also helps to remember why you’re here and to share your excitement about your future together. Not only that but you can bring your photographer along and get some beautiful pictures of you and your partner exchanging letters together. You can even have them take pictures of your reaction while reading them. Not only will you have the letters forever but the pictures as well.

Cupcake/Macaron Tower

Obviously, the cake is the staple dessert at any wedding, but what if you tried something a little different? Wedding cakes are very expensive and most of the time a lot goes to waste. Having cupcakes at your wedding cannot only be a cheaper alternative but can give you the opportunity to have different flavored cakes as well. If you’re not a cake fan you can even try a macaron tower. They can also be in different flavors and be made to match the colors of your wedding. Not only are these options unique but a cheaper and more fun way to have a dessert at your wedding.

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

When choosing bridesmaid dresses everyone will want their opinion heard. If you’re a people pleaser and want to try something unique you can go with mismatched bridesmaid dresses. When done correctly it not only makes for amazing pictures but also helps your party stand out. It also can make for happy bridesmaids since everyone can get the dress they want while staying in the theme. As long as the dresses are still in the same color family, mismatched dresses can make for an awesome addition to a non-traditional wedding.

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