A Wife With A List Full Of Wedding Regrets

We recently came across an article on MSN that detailed one wife’s wedding day. The wife described how she had the worst wedding experience ever with a list of wedding regrets, mishaps and unfortunate events gone wrong leading up to what was supposed to be a memorable day for her. But instead, her wedding day was memorable for all the wrong reasons. Most couples have happy memories of their wedding day, but all this wife sees are regrets. Below, are a list of their regrets with hopes to learn from their experiences and possibly prevent these scenarios from happening during your own wedding. 

Stepdaughter Feud

Just two weeks prior to the brides ceremony, her soon-to-be stepdaughter told her she hated her, leaving the bride-to-be distraught. Who wants to feel those kind of emotions before their big day?

Husband’s Poor Health

A week prior to their wedding, the brides now-husband suffered a heart attack and had to undergo major surgery. This left the couple wondering if they should go through with their wedding plans. “Against my better judgment we didn’t cancel it,” she wrote. She stated that the doctors had assured her her husband would be well in time. During the wedding, her now husband, who was still recovering from his heart attack, was weak and ill all day. He wasn’t able to do much to really enjoy the ceremony.

Financial Obligation

The couple has come too far to turn back now. With deposits adding up, it made it hard for the couple to turn back or reschedule their wedding. “The money we had spent was ridiculous, so it was hard to cancel,” she wrote.

Death In Family

The bride also explained that both her parents had died in the two years before the wedding. With the day being nothing like she envisioned, this made her feelings of isolation only magnify.

Flakey Guests

The bride had hoped that her sister would be there to support her, but she ended up letting the bride down.”[My sister] said she wasn’t coming because her partner couldn’t make it… I was devastated,” the bride explained.

Rainy Wedding Day

To top it all off, rain poured down on the day of their wedding. And just to make things worse, it rained all day despite their wedding being in the middle of summer.

No Honeymoon

The couple didn’t even have a honeymoon to look forward to. “We had to cancel our honeymoon as he couldn’t fly, I said to him we have all our life to go don’t worry but now it’s just another thing on top,” she wrote.

The bride confessed that she went ahead with the wedding against her better judgement. Now a year into their marriage, the woman explains her wedding day still stands out as a “horrible memory.” It has only added to the tension of her husband’s poor health, which often leaves him “moody.” Though she feels that she “should be grateful he’s still alive” and that “the marriage is the important bit,” she still feels nothing but misery full of regrets when she looks back on her wedding day.

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