Don’t Break The Wedding Bank

Planning a wedding with a budget can take a bit of focus. Decide how much you and/or your family are willing to spend, set the budget and be very strict to not break the bank. While sticking to the budget you can still plan a fantastic wedding and we have a few tips on how to do so. See below for a list of ways to cut corners during your wedding planning to stick within your budget.


Getting a wedding planner is not always necessary. You can save a lot of money by getting friends and family to help volunteer in the planning of your wedding.


When you decide to have your wedding can mean the difference between paying hundreds or thousands of dollars. Try planning a wedding that isn’t during the usual peak wedding months. Instead of a summer wedding, a winter wedding can be just as nice and even bring forth creative decorating options.


Outdoors, indoors, local or destination? The possibilities are endless when it comes to the location of your wedding. The most cost effective venue can be found with a little help from your family and friends. Does someone have a beautiful backyard that would be ideal for a ceremony? Having the reception and ceremony in the same place can also save time and money as well. Destination weddings can be cost effective as it reduces the number of guests in attendance, and can even be done on the whim like in a Vegas chapel style wedding.


Sticking to a theme is key to saving money for your wedding. It will help you narrow down your ideas and make it easier to shop for specific items. Dollar and thrift stores have some unusual items that can be used to spice up your space at a low cost.

Dress & Tuxedo

The dress can be one of the most expensive purchases in the wedding. An average wedding dress in the US can range from $400 to $1,700. That’s a lot for a dress that you will wear for only one day. Instead, how about renting your dress or buying a preowned dress? This can end up making you pay a fraction of the price of buying. Tuxedos are also popular to rent.


Buying insurance is the most important investment into your wedding and thanks to Eventsured- it’s cost effective. After you have done the needed planning, renting and buying for your wedding, you want to be secure in knowing that your big day will go as planned without risk. By getting wedding insurance with Eventsured, you can have protect your event from the debt-filled results of injury, cancellations or lawsuits.

As you see, or have already experienced, weddings can be costly. Our mission is to make sure you don’t break the bank before or after your wedding and make your wedding day a day you will always remember and not regret. For more information about wedding insurance visit our website at www.eventsured.com.

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