How Brokers Can Profit From Our Coverage

We understand brokers position and we know how you work for the interest of your clients. By providing them with the best insurance options for their needs, you will build trust and commitment between them. You don’t want to sell a particular policy on behalf of an insurance company. By partnering with Eventsured, we make event insurance for brokers simple, consistent and reasonable. We look out for your best interest so you can look after the interest of your clients worry free. You already know you are getting the best deal with our company because insurance brokers can receive up to 10% commission on any policy premium! The commission will be applied when the premiums are paid.

Also, as an insurance broker, you are able to add any fee. This will be in addition to the premium and the commission, and is entirely up to you as you work with your client. This fee will be shown on any proposals and receipts, however, you will only be responsible for paying the premium net any fees and commission.

When your job is to look after others, it’s great to know their is a company looking after you. So talk to one of our representatives to see what we can do for you. Give us a call at 888-882-5902 to get started!

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