5 Reasons To Purchase Wedding Insurance

When you think about it, a wedding is like buying a new car or house. There is usually a lot of planning that goes into it before you make the purchase. And insurance is purchased along with it to protect your investment. You wouldn’t purchase a new car that costs thousands without insuring it, so why wouldn’t you insure your wedding? Home insurance and car insurance is not a choice and neither should Wedding Insurance. Here are five reasons why you need to insure your wedding:

1. It May Be Required
Some wedding venues may require you to purchase a general liability policy to avoid taking responsibility for situations out of their control that cause damage to their property.

2. Eliminate Worry
When you are investing a lot of money in a wedding, you want to make sure the day goes as planned. By getting Wedding Insurance, you can enjoy your big day worry-free. Wedding Insurance from Eventsured can cover your financial obligations should your wedding have to be cancelled or postponed. It can also provide coverage for damages, lost items and covers you when you are legally responsible for injury or damages that occur at your wedding.

3. Get Your Money Back
Unfortunately, events happen that can force you to cancel or delay your wedding. In these cases, you will want to get as much money back as possible from your vendors. Especially if vendors don’t offer a refund.

4. Unpredictable Weather
You can plan for your wedding, but you cannot plan out the weather. Extreme weather can cause your wedding to be postponed or canceled. With our sister company US Weather Insurance, you can make sure your wedding is covered from unrecoverable expenses due to cancellation or delays. See their site here for more details: https://www.usweatherinsurance.com/

5. Unexpected Tragedies
If the bride or groom has a death in the family our coverage can cover cancellation or postponement as the family deals with their grief of losing a loved one.

We gave you five reasons why you should get wedding insurance, but we can give you another five reasons to insure with Eventsured. From our variety of coverage options, fast quotes and reliable service, we are sure you will be making the right decision by insuring with us. To learn more about our coverage options, give us a call at 888-882-5902.

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