Protect Your Wedding From The Weather

It could be raining more than rice on your wedding day…

Rain, snow, blizzards, high temperature, low temperatures, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. can ruin a couples big day. While you may not be able to control the weather or prevent the unexpected, you can protect a portion of your investment by planning ahead. Making sure that you are covered if bad weather becomes an issue is extremely important to any couple. With our sister company US Weather Insurance, couples can cover all aspects of their big day to protect their investment from Mother Nature.

US Weather Insurance covers from a couple hours to the entire event. Most clients will want to cover any feature of their outdoor ceremony that they will have to pay for upfront. One example is a client that contacted US Weather for coverage on their chairs for the outdoor ceremony. The client had to have the chairs delivered 2 days before the event and pay for them at that time regardless if they able to be used. Even though the client could move the ceremony indoors if it rained, they would still be out the total cost of the chairs. The client took out a policy with US Weather Insurance at a fraction of the cost for the chairs that way if they weren’t used due to rain, they would be reimbursed for the full amount.

To find out more on weather coverage for your wedding, visit our US Weather’s website at www.usweatherinsurance.com.

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