Change Of Heart Insurance?

When you get wedding coverage with Eventsured, we will tailor your policy to fit your needs. Whether you want protection from lawsuits for potential injuries at your wedding, liquor liability if a person at your wedding drinks too much and hurts themselves or others and more. Unfortunately, purchasing insurance for “change of heart” or cancellation insurance in case the bride or groom gets cold feet is NOT something we can cover.

If you thought the divorce rate was high, couples are finding it harder to even make it down the aisle. We have seen in recent news about brides or grooms airing their dirty laundry at the wedding. Remember the story of a bride who read her fiance’s cheating texts instead of her vows. Read here. Or the couple who was surprised to see the “other woman” show up at their wedding in a wedding dress. Watch here. No matter the scenario, if your significant other has a change of heart, unfortunately that is not something covered by the cancellation or postponement component of our event insurance.

The cancellation or postponement insurance with Eventsured covers certain deposits that would otherwise be lost to vendors in the event it’s necessary to cancel or postpone the wedding. Even if things don’t go right on your wedding day, you can make sure things don’t get worse. For more information on our coverage options, you can get a free quote on our website or speak to one of our available representatives by calling 888-882-5902.

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