3 Worst Case Scenarios For Weddings

You never know what happens, unfortunately. And when it comes to a couples wedding, the same rule applies. As much as you plan for your big day, weather, damages or injuries can have an impact on your wedding in a negative way. We highlight three wedding scenarios that can unfortunately happen at anyone’s wedding. But don’t worry, we include the problem but also the solution so that your wedding can avoid worst case scenarios like the ones below.

Drunken Guest

It’s no wonder so many awkward, cringe-worthy or dramatic things happen when people tie the knot – especially when the guests are drunk. Weddings have can have open bar, hard liquor, wine, beer … you name it. Guests have a tendency to become incomprehensible, overly emotional and also a financial risk for the bride and groom. A intoxicated guest can drink too much, hop in a car, and swerve into traffic. You think that this is the guest problem but the newlyweds can become liable for damages caused by the accident.

Solution: If you plan to have alcohol at your wedding reception, research your venue’s and/or bartender’s policy regarding liquor liability. You will not have to pay the price for someone else’s poor judgement if you purchase liquor liability insurance.

Too Hot To Handle

Your wedding just happen to land on one of the hottest days of the year. Like 120 degree temperature to be exact. The A/C in the church gives out which will make the wedding ceremony unbearable for you and your guests. You have no choice but to postpone.

Solution: Rescheduling a wedding is a tough decision to make. However, with wedding insurance, it can provide peace of mind to be able to make the call to move the wedding if there is bad weather and not fear being out all the money you have already paid.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand… Dollars?

A couples wedding photos can be the most important and cherished investment in the whole wedding. You hire a photographer for your wedding. Your digital photos of your big day arrive online. You approve and get excited to receive the physical copies and photo album. You wait and wait and two years later with thousands of dollars invested, you are still waiting for your photos.

Solution: A wedding insurance claim could have helped recover the money the couples paid to the vendor who didn’t deliver on their service.

Don’t let an unnecessary accident, bad weather or unpromising vendors ruin your special day! With Eventsured, you can be covered from worst case scenarios so that your special day can go as planned. Check out our website here for more information.

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