Worried About Wedding Mishaps? Shift The Risk

Having a wedding forces couples to become proactive not only in planning but protection as well. The percentage of potential risks are high. Using some foresight is key to thinking about what could possibly go wrong and find a solution before it does. Are you worried whether your photographer will deliver pictures for your wedding? Pay a deposit and then the full amount only until you receive the photos. Are you worried about your cake surviving the summer heat? Ensure that your vendor is nice and cool for it to stay safe and obtain its shape. Concerned by lack of communication from vendors? Draw up a list with everyone’s phone numbers so each person can be reached. By shifting the risk for any of these scenarios is an easy way to protect yourself from paying more than you need to.

Being fully confident in knowing that you’re fully prepared to handle the crisis and lessen the damage that can come from it is essential. Obtaining wedding insurance is also designed to shift some of the risk from the couple and their families to an insurance company. Worrying about your dress, catering or makeup is normal. But have you thought about how you will pay for damages if intoxicated guests ruin your reception space? Or what if you have a sudden death in the family that causes you to have to postpone the wedding? All too often couples worry about the trivial when the focus needs to be shifted on matters that could cost them thousands even after they walk down the aisle.

Protect yourself from liability arising from your wedding before it happens. Coverages can include bodily injury/property damage liability, host liquor liability and more. To find out more information of additional coverage outside of your wedding, give us a call at 888-882-5902.

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