How Your Event Will Look With And Without Wedding Insurance

To stop us from saying “we told you so,” we decided to give our prospective clients some possible scenarios that can occur at your wedding and the effects if you are with or without wedding insurance. It’s optimistic to think your wedding day will go as planned, but realistically it doesn’t. Vendors fail, venues close, caterers don’t deliver as promised, the list goes on. It’s vital that we inform our clients on how to make things right before they have the opportunity to go wrong.

Scenario #1

Your uncle got overly drunk at your wedding receptions open bar. Unnoticed by you and your guests, he decided to drive home intoxicated and got in an accident on his way. He blames you for having the open bar and files a hefty lawsuit.

With Wedding Insurance: Your uncle’s bad judgement won’t cost you because if you purchased event liability insurance. Coverage can start in the hundreds.

Without Wedding Insurance:  Without insurance, you could be paying thousands depending upon how much your uncle would be suing you for. It could range from his medical bills, damages made to his car and more.

Scenario #2

You paid the DJ for your wedding half before the wedding then was going to pay the other half after. He ended up coming by saying he needed the other half for equipment so you pay him. He was running super late to the ceremony, and eventually called and said he had gotten arrested.

With Wedding Insurance: We can cover cancellation  and can protect against lost deposits and fees for rescheduling. As a result, you can hopefully be able to find a last minute DJ replacement and avoid being ripped-off.

Without Wedding Insurance:  Without insurance, you would be out of your money and would have to resort to plugging your phone into a speaker for music.

Scenario #3

Too much dancing and too much drinking causes your wedding reception to get out of hand. Before you know it, a guest kicks off her shoes and accidentally knocks out one of the venue windows.

With Wedding Insurance: You are covered! We provide protection against physical damage to the venue which will save you thousands!

Without Wedding Insurance:  You are jointly responsible with the venue to make sure the facility is safe from sober and intoxicated guests. Without insurance, you would be left to pay for the damages or any other fees laid out on the venues contract.

Are you planning a wedding and are concerned about protecting yourself from the above scenarios? We can help you protect yourself and your memories of your special day, while ensuring that your guests still have a great and safe time. Give us a call at 888-882-5902 for more information!

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