How To Avoid Being A Bridezilla On Your Wedding

Being considered a bridezilla is not a compliment in every sense of the word. What you consider being overly organized, controlling, focused or high maintenance could easily put you under the bridezilla definition if you are not careful. We understand that you want your big day to go your way, but doing it stress-free will make all the difference. So how do you avoid being a bridezilla on your big day? We have a few tips below!

Take The Planning Out Of Your Hands

Most bridezillas are in full control of their wedding. From picking out the DJ, venue, florist, photographer, etc. Everything falls on the bride. But if it fits your budget, hire a wedding planner to do the work for you. This will make you worry less about how the day is planning out and more about enjoying your wedding.

Stick To Your Budget

You want more flowers, more food options and a longer guest list, but your pockets might disagree. Being tempted to go over budget is a common reason for the bridezilla to emerge. Stay within your budget. We understand that now more than ever, there is pressure to make your wedding look like something off of a reality show or an image you seen on social media, but you should plan a wedding for you. Be realistic and don’t be in competition with anyone else.

Have Fun, It’s Your Wedding

Don’t forget the reason why you are getting married. Brides often get caught up in being a bride Being a bride is temporary, being a wife is long term. A wedding is meant to be a celebration – that’s it. Get married and celebrate with your friends and family! Whatever happens, you want to make sure you can look back years later and rejoice.

Get Wedding Insurance

If you think you’ll be a bridezilla before you get married, think of how you will be once, you receive lawsuits and debt from the unexpected events and occurrences at your wedding. Without wedding insurance, you carry the risk of paying for damages or other various expenses if things go wrong during your big day. With Eventsured, we can help you set up coverage. Get a free quote by visiting our site here.

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