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Make Your Trade Show A Success

Are you preparing for a trade show? Organizing your booth is obviously essential as it will be your “store front” for the event. But what good is having a pretty display if it’s not covered financially? Those thousands that you invested will go to waste if a visitor gets injured at your booth. Or if damages were to occur. 

However, there is a solution. With vendor insurance, you are covered from damages that you can’t control. For the majority of trade shows, having vendor insurance is required. So there is no getting around it. But getting just any insurance won’t suffice. With Eventsured, we have tailored policies specifically designed for vendors and the issues you may face at an event. See below for an example scenario and how it could have set you back financially and how Eventsured will be able to offset the costs.

Trade Show Scenario

Scenario: Yes, it is likely that serving shots or martinis at the show can get you a lot of talk value, and possibly many more leads. However, a guest got too intoxicated from your product at the trade show. So intoxicated that they drove home and get into an accident. As a result, the prospect survives the accident and decides to sue your company.

Solution: With our vendor insurance, you have the option of including liquor liability. This will protect your business from lawsuits, damages or injuries that occur from your intoxicated prospect. 

This is just one scenario out of many likely cases. Without proper planning and budgeting, attending a trade show can put you in the negative. Ultimately businesses attend trade shows to make money, not lose money. Creating a successful trade show means preparing for success and for things that can go wrong to protect your investment. For more information on vendor insurance don’t hesitate to give us a call at 888-882-5902. Our representatives would love to assist you in protecting your next trade show.

Good luck at your trade show!

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