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What You Should Consider Before Hiring A Wedding Planner

Get down the aisle during your wedding takes only a few steps, literally. But planning a wedding takes many, many steps, jumps and sometimes leaps. You have all your inspiration gathered to pull off your Pinterest-perfect wedding, but how exactly do you pull it off. It may be overwhelming to search for venues, caterers, photographers, and DJs. So to alleviate the stress, couples are hiring wedding planners. It may reduce stress, but how about finances? This and many other thoughts should be considered before hiring a planner. Our advice below can not only work for weddings but parties, ceremonies and any event that requires additional help when it comes to planning.

Does It Fit Your Budget?

We understand why you can be hesitant about hiring a wedding planner. For most couples, the idea of hiring a wedding planner is considered a luxury. To hire a planner means expanding a couples tight budget and dish out money that they could use towards other wedding essentials. You may think that avoiding a planner is saving you money (which it might in some cases) but you could reduce expenses in ways you wouldn’t have known if you do hire a professional wedding planner. After all, there is a reason why they are called “professional.” Great wedding planners have years of experience and are equipped with industry insight and knowledge that could help you cut corners and allocate your finances proficiently.

According to Costhelper, the average cost of full-service wedding planners ranges from $5,000 to more than $10,000, depending on experience and demand. To avoid paying for full service, you can cut costs by hiring a day-of wedding planner for roughly $1,500. For a day-of package, a planner usually will confirm with vendors, help the couple create a wedding-day timeline and handle wedding-day details from start to finish.

Another alternative is customizing the planning involved. If you feel you have certain areas in your wedding under control. Give your wedding planner a list of areas to focus on that you need help with to offset some of the costs.

Have You Done Thorough Research?

Research is the first step in securing the right wedding planner. It may start with a simple google search. You may be tempted to select the first name you see, but don’t! Just because they have great SEO, doesn’t mean they are the right fit for you. Take the time and read their reviews. 

Just like getting into any new relationship – a background search is necessary. What is their track record? Have they had any past disputes on payment with a client? Asking friends or other vendors about suggested wedding planners is helpful as well. You want to make sure your event planner is on the same page as you when it comes to details, decor, communication, and values. Create your own list of values you want in a planner as a guide to check off during your search. 

What Are The Actual Benefits?

1. Time Saver

It might take you days to research a great caterer, DJ, etc. But with a wedding planner, they have those connections ready in their arsenal contact list. Moving the tasks of calling and following up with vendors to the planner can give you more time to focus on other areas of your wedding. Leave the monotonous tasks for your planner and enjoy the fun activities that come along with holding a wedding like picking your dress and tuxedo. 

2. Industry Insight 

Since many planners are full-time, they are constantly networking and researching vendors and suppliers to build their network and to stay ahead of the trends.

3. An Overseer On Your Big Day

Your wedding planner will be behind the scenes on your big day making sure things go as planned. Having an extra set of eyes is always helpful. For one recent Detroit couple, a wedding planner would have been very helpful as they experienced their guests going hungry when their caterer ran off with their money! As a result, the bride had to step in to prepare the food for her wedding. A wedding planner would have foreseen this coming and found a different solution or backup caterer. Read the full article on http://ow.ly/8JUt50vuOOf

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