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The Success Of Any Marriage Begins With Wedding Insurance

If you recently got divorced, we think we know why. You and your partner probably didn’t get wedding insurance for your nuptials. We know it’s an exaggerated claim that holds some humor, but seriously speaking, the debt accumulated after your wedding is enough to put a strain on anyone’s marriage. 

The divorce rate in America has recently been around fifty percent. The reasons vary but one of the biggest reasons is due to money problems. According to MagnifyMoney.com, they found that 21% of couples cited money as the #1 cause of their divorce. If you had the chance to resolve the most serious family money issues, we could remove perhaps the single biggest hurdle to a successful marriage. So how does one couple start to securing their marriage? We have a few pointers below:

Check Prior Debt

Before you say ‘I do,’ did you take some time to say ‘I do,” to your significant others’ finances. Because after you get married, the debt that your partner has will become your own debt. Make sure you talk about all the debt that each of you has so there are no surprises down the line.

Protect Wedding Investment

The wedding will usually be the first expense that a couple will invest in. This investment will show you a lot about your partner and how they manage their money. If your partner doesn’t have a plan for protecting that investment, this should be a red flag. Your wedding day should mean a lot for both of you, and making sure that your investment is protected should be a priority. Make sure Wedding Insurance is on your list of to-do’s before you say ‘I do.’

Be ‘Equally Yoked’ Financially

You won’t agree on everything, but it is important to agree on how each of you decides to manage your money. Having two different approaches to spending is another reason how money affects a marriage. This can cause great stress if not addressed correctly.

If you do these three steps, your relationship will be off to a good start. Don’t let the conflict of money reach such heights that divorce seems to be the only logical conclusion. For more information on Wedding Insurance, give us a call at 888-882-5902.

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