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What Do Resolutions And Marriage Have In Common?

“I want to lose weight.” It’s similar to saying, “I want to get married.” Both are statements. But without planning and proper preparations, they remain as just that, statements. You may have plans to lose weight this year or a list of other resolutions, but saying is one thing. You have to have the commitment (like a marriage) and dedication (like a marriage) to get it done. So to help you get motivated in staying on track with your goals this year, we want to show you a different perspective when looking at achieving your goals. Treat your goals similar to how you treat a marriage. Sounds strange? Allow us to explain.

Both Are Commitments

Resolutions start the same way that a wedding starts –  it’s a simple decision to make a committed change in your life. But we all know that changes don’t happen overnight. Resolutions must be a daily commitment.

Both Require Work To Ensure Success

Resolutions can be a short term goal, but the most effective goals are the ones that are constantly unfolding (like a marriage), rather than something that has a finish line. For example, if eating healthy is a resolution, having an end in sight isn’t the best solution. It will only make you get irritable knowing that you have to put up with a diet for 6 more months. But changing the goal into a lifestyle change could allow you to make more effective changes that have a lasting impact.

Both Can Fail

80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February and 50% percent of first marriages end in divorce. If you’re not “all-in” to your resolution, it can fall through the cracks due to lack of motivation. 

In conclusion, treating your resolutions like a 1-year marriage can help you be more focused on achieving your goals this year. Have a goal, say “I do” and put daily actions in place to ensure that you succeed. So let’s get married (to your goals) and make this the year of commitment!

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