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Are You Saving Money With Wedding Insurance?

Weddings can be cripplingly expensive. It’s common for couples to consider ways to save while planning for their big day. Many couples go about saving money by doing all the suggested steps. Like choosing to have your wedding outdoors, choosing an off-peak wedding date, or making your own wedding decorations. But there is another necessary step that couples should consider when trying to save money – wedding insurance.

Why Do Couples Avoid Getting Wedding Insurance?

Couples are tempted to skip wedding insurance, as it often seems like an unnecessary luxury expense. However, wedding insurance is needed because having a picture perfect wedding is not guaranteed. Without insurance, saving for a wedding can have an adverse effect and end up adding unexpected debt to newlyweds.

Even with knowing the risks involved, there still lies a layer of uncertainty to many couples when considering purchasing wedding insurance. Why is this so? Wedding insurance is unlike immediately saving money after crafting your own invitations. The savings from wedding insurance comes from the peace of mind you receive knowing that you won’t have to worry if your venue shuts down. It’s something that you can’t physically see initially, but will be thankful you purchased, once it comes time that you really need it. 

How Can Wedding Insurance Save You Money?

To give you an example of how wedding insurance can save you money, consider Laura Sanderson and Mark Mellors story from Mansfield. They wanted to keep their wedding budget low, so Laura and Mark remained organized. They found a venue last February and paid a deposit to secure it (20 months before the big day). In October they had a letter from the manager of the venue which they had chosen. The hotel was sold to put it briefly. And that its current lease to operate as a hotel would expire on September 30, the month before the wedding. As a result, the venue refused to pay the couple back their deposit.

This situation would have been avoided if the couple had purchased wedding insurance. No matter how much you budget and save for a wedding, you have to make sure you have a backup plan when things don’t go as planned.

So to summarize, are you saving money with wedding insurance? Yes! It makes all the difference. With the amount of money spent on weddings today, the small investment of purchasing wedding insurance is like buying a peace of mind. For more information on wedding insurance, visit our website

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