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Takeaways From Our Interview With WS Radio

We had the opportunity to have an interview with Kevin Svec from This Week in Marketing on WS Radio. Our Co-Founder, (Greg Esterhai) and Marketing Director (Katie Gorman) spilled the tea about the industry, marketing, and how we (Eventsured) work to provide our customers with a peace of mind for events ranging from trade shows to weddings.

The interview can be broken down into four segments:


  1. What Is Special Event Insurance
  2. Marketing Special Event Insurance
  3. Effectively Using Marketing To Reach Customers
  4. The Industry Of Special Event Insurance

We’ll go more in depth to some key takeaways from the interview below:


What is Special Event Insurance

The first segment covered what exactly is special event insurance, how it works, and what the process looks like.

Greg (Co-Founder of Eventsured): “It’s designed for a short term event policy. The majority of the events are single day events. Venues are typically requiring those event holders to purchase a single day event policy. Very inexpensive. But it’s protecting everybody involved against liabilities.”

Greg (Co-Founder of Eventsured): “It depends on the event you have and the risks involved.”

Consequently, an event with alcohol could cost more since there would be more risk involved. Every event is unique and a special event insurance policy considers that.


Marketing Special Event Insurance

This segment covers the application process then also discussed marketing in the insurance industry. This industry is largely marketed by fear but we take a different approach – education.

Greg (Co-Founder of Eventsured): “It really is all about educating. Educating the venues. They are the ones that are driving this. We are trying to market ourselves as the (obviously price is important) so being the most competitive. But also the easiest to work with. We are trying to convince venues that you should be referring to us. We are able to meet all your needs. Different venues will have different needs.”


Effectively Using Marketing To Reach Customers

In the third segment, Kevin asks us more in depth about marketing strategies that we use to reach out to potential customers and to establish a more solid web presence.

Katie Gorman (Marketing Director): “The bulk of our marketing is through Google. We are really utilizing Google Ads as much as possible. Link building strategies.We are not just selling it, but providing an education and having information on our blog about it.” 

Furthermore, to take link building a step further, we also look beyond internal link building and use outside sources.

Katie Gorman (Marketing Director): “We also reach out to venues nearby that we want to make sure we are on their pages for preferred vendors.”


The Industry Of Special Event Insurance

The final segment discusses the special event insurance industry as a whole – and how it has evolved over the years. We also spoke about the biggest change when it comes to the application process over the years.

Greg (Co-Founder of Eventsured):The biggest is taking it from shuffling paper on your desk, to digital. Having the ability to do everything online has made things a lot easier.”

Kevin asks us about the change in marketing in the industry as well.

Katie Gorman (Marketing Director): Google and Google Ads. As it has evolved, we started realizing that there are specific events… We started realizing Dj insurance, wedding insurance, vendor, trade shows.”

To wrap up the interview, Kevin covered the important topic of trust – how we build trust and why it’s important especially in this industry.

Greg (Co-Founder of Eventsured): “We want our clients to know they are covered by a legitimate big financially stable insurance company. Relaying that is our responsibility.”

To follow, when it comes to marketing we even use different strategies to build trust.

Katie Gorman (Marketing Director): “We use platforms like Trustpilot for reviews. People want to know what their peers are using.”

In conclusion, to summarize the interview in a nutshell – Eventsured is a special event insurance provider that promotes educating their clients and not instilling fear. We were honored to be a part of this show as we would hope that it sheds some light on any questions or concerns you may have had about special event insurance. A big thanks to Kevin Svec for hosting us.


Listen To The Interview

Listen to the full length of our interview with AMA by clicking one of the links below:

02/04/20 Marketing Special Event Insurance

Marketing in the Special Event Insurance Industry

To follow more episodes of This Week in Marketing, visit https://sdama.org/section/podcast/

Photo by Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash

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