adjust wedding plans for COVID-19

How To Adjust Your Wedding Plans For COVID-19

How does a couple adjust their wedding plans for COVID-19?

COVID-19 has altered the way we live our lives in unprecedented ways. From what we do, where we work, how our kids go to school, and where we shop. And for couples who had their wedding plans halted, it adds an extra layer of worry and confusion. Weddings typically take months of planning. But a pandemic is something that no couple plans for.

While many couples are postponing their ceremonies indefinitely, others have opted to move forward with a quarantine wedding. We understand that these times may be difficult to adjust to, but we wanted to share a list of ways you can adjust your wedding plans for COVID-19. You can still carry out your plans, but just not how you originally vision. 

Reduce Your Guest List

That guest list of 200 can be reduced to you, your partner, officiant, and a few other selected guests (try to keep it under 10 in total if possible). And make sure to check with your states gathering restrictions.

Zoom Live-Stream

Don’t worry about your guest list being reduced. This doesn’t mean that your previously planned list can’t attend. Set up a Zoom live-stream for your guests to watch your big day from their couch. To make it traditional and fun, your guests can still get dressed up. 

Drive-In Wedding

Let your guests watch and honk their car horns in celebration or your wedding from a safe distance. This works perfectly if your wedding is held outdoors. If not, your guests can wait in the parking lot until your ceremony is over to cheer and honk their horns. 

Get Married Now, But Postpone Full Wedding Ceremony

You and your love can exchange vows and rings now during COVID-19. And later, if you’re still wanting to celebrate with close friends and family, you can still plan a large reception later in the year after the gathering restrictions and stay-at-home order have been lifted.

Limit Your Details

Surprisingly, having a quarantine wedding has benefits. It takes the stress out of worrying about decorations, feeding guests and all the other details that come with planning nuptials. The dozen of bouquets you had planned can be reduced to two.

Along with the tips and ideas above, to adjust your wedding plans for COVID-19, you want to make sure your wedding adheres to the CDC regulations and guidelines put in place by local and national governments. Make decisions about your wedding and travel that are in the interest of your personal and the public’s well being.

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