Calling Off Your Wedding: Everything You Need To Know

Research shows that there are over 115,000 weddings per day worldwide. The average engagement is 12-18 months long and about 20% of all weddings are called off after engagements. There could be several reasons for calling off your wedding such as:

  • Uncertainty about a relationship
  • Pressured to get married
  • Unresolved issues
  • A cheating partner
  • Decision made in a rush
  • Difference in opinions on important issues
  • You don’t know your partner as much as you thought

A couple meet, date, introduce each other to their family and friends, get engaged, plan the wedding and walk down the aisle. All these steps seem easy, but they require your time, energy, commitment, and dedication because it is often challenging to turn back when you get further into the process. Calling off your wedding is a big decision, meaning you need careful planning and preparation. Here are a few tips for doing it the right way. Read on!

Talk to Your Fiancé a Few Weeks Early

Approach your fiancé a few days or weeks before the wedding ceremony.
The purpose is to tell your fiancé that you want to call off the wedding, because a wedding can cost a lot of money, it is better to call it off before making preparations.

Before approaching your fiancé, make sure you organize your thoughts and come up with all of your reasons to validate your point. Practicing what you will say in front of the mirror can help you stay calm and coherent during the conversation.

Whether you have romantic or non-romantic reasons, being honest with your fiancé a few days or weeks before the ceremony is an ethical way to call off your wedding.

Keep Calm and Make an Action Plan

Canceling your wedding at the last minute may come as a shock to the people closest to you. While society is used to breakups, calling off a wedding is shocking and scandalous.

You may feel exhausted from navigating the situation and deal with other people’s questions. Don’t feel the pressure to notify others and avoid worrying about their questions or gossip. Seek emotional support from your loved ones.

Don’t feel responsible for undoing the laid plans because it’s your life, and you have the right to decide the best for yourself. Take care of yourself and
develop an action plan by outlining your short and long-term solutions.

It is not easy to decide what to do with the wedding dress. This can be an emotional decision, so consult your family and friends to get some useful advice regarding the issue.

Reconcile the Ring

Asking “who gets the ring,” is an important question asked by couples before calling off their weddings. Research highlights that 78% of adults in the US think the the purchaser of the ring should get the ring back. It is a popular opinion, it does not work for everyone.

Who gets to keep the ring depends on the circumstances, but when it comes
to rules, if the ring is a gift, it will stay with the receiver. Remember, if you are a bride and has called off your wedding, you should return the ring if it were from your fiancé. The law says that if the engagement ring were a conditional gift, the giver would get it back.

What if you both have bought the ring? In that case, you need to talk to him
or her and decide how to settle things. Some couples seek legal advice from attorneys when they fail to resolve the ring problem.

Return the Gifts

When you call off your wedding, it is ethical to return the gifts. If they were used, you should keep them. Make sure you send a special message with each gift you return. The purpose is to say “thank you” to all the people who participated in the ceremony.

Bear in mind that some guests may refuse to get back the gifts. In that case,
you have to handle the situation carefully. Tell them you want to move on and live a happy life. Keeping these gift would remind you of the person whom you have married. Make sure you handle the gifters humbly.

Calling off your wedding is surely an emotional and difficult decision.
However, when you decide about it on time, you can prevent potential repercussions that could harm your married life. There are many
things to consider, the tips given above can streamline the process of calling-off your wedding.

Although we do not cover a change of heart, sometimes you have to cancel your wedding for reasons out of your control whether it’s a fire, illness, etc. In these cases, consider getting Cancellation Insurance for your wedding to cover your expenses in case you are forced to cancel. Visit www.eventsured.com for more information.

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