Vendor Liability Coverage for Fair Concessionaires

After COVID-19 shut down fair and carnival season last year, vendors are ready to be back at it this summer. Yet, not everyone is as prepared as they could be. Did you know that your standard business liability insurance only protects you from so much?

For instance, it protects you if someone breaks into your booth and steals your laptop, but it doesn’t protect you from any of the following scenarios.

  • Someone breaking an ankle and tripping over your cables.
  • You accidentally break a fixture that belongs to the fair or event grounds.

These scenarios are coincidences, but these types of accidents can happen, especially in a chaotic environment. To protect yourself against any costly events, you need vendor liability coverage. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Vendor Liability Coverage?

Vendor liability coverage protects you against any claims and lawsuits that can result from your participation in a public event.

Any business that participates in public events needs vendor insurance, even if they’re not technically “vending” something. This is because just being present at an event, whether you have a booth, an exhibit, etc., can create a liability risk. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling products — you need to be covered!

Event centers and promoters recognize this risk, and many require that you have liability coverage. In fact, they may even ask to be named as an “additional insured” on the policy to ensure that they are also covered in the event of an accident.

How Much Does Vendor Liability Coverage Cost?

Vendor liability does not need to break the bank. Check out Eventsured for more information about how to insure your company. Ready to buy? Visit here to get a quote and buy online in a matter of minutes.

Final Thoughts

Vendor liability coverage is a necessity for your business. If you regularly participate in fairs, trade shows, pop-ups, or other events, it’s worth getting covered. Visit Eventsured to learn more.

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