What Will The Recent Wedding Boom Mean For Your Wedding?

The pandemic caused many people to put their wedding plans on hold or change their initial wedding plans to a smaller, more Covid-friendly gathering. Or even a virtual wedding. But since more people are getting vaccinated and restrictions are being lifted from large gatherings, couples are ready to make every effort to have the wedding of their dreams. So we are now in the middle of a wedding boom. There is a surge in the number of couples who are busy planning their upcoming wedding. But what will this mean for your wedding? 

More Expenses and Compromise

Due to the high demand, wedding planners are charging more for weddings as they have to increase their operational costs, such as expanding their team to get through so many events. Also, with many event companies just restarting their business since the pandemic, you may face shortages in items like flowers and linen, so you may have to pay higher prices. 

Limited Dates & Availability

Many people love Saturday weddings. But with so many couples looking to get married, you might have to settle for a weekday wedding. If you decide to go with a weekday wedding, the odds of you booking the vendor or venue of your dreams grow significantly. This is important if you’re planning a wedding with a shorter timeline. Your favorite venue may not have weekend availability at late notice, but it probably will have weekday availability. 

Despite the Boom, Your Wedding Can Still Be Magical

Despite all this, you can still have the wedding of your dreams if you plan wisely, stay up to date with what’s happening around you, and of course, relax. The most important part of having a wedding is actually having a wedding and marrying the person of your dreams. Everything else that comes with it is secondary. Try to consider what you need to have as part of your wedding and what you can live without to reduce unwanted expenses, stress and chaos. Your mental health and pockets will thank you.

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