Tips To Protect Your Finances When Your Wedding Is Cancelled

Eventsured insures your wedding to prevent the possibility to spending thousands to millions in damages and lawsuits if things go wrong. However, before you say ‘I do,’ and after you have spent thousands in wedding planning, what happens when things don’t go as planned in your relationship? More and more, couples are not even making to the aisle- leaving not only a broken heart to mend, but also an empty pocketbook. No matter how the wedding was paid for (by one party or both), you will have to get your necessary refunds (if possible) and inform your guests on the cancellation before they spend money on their dress, hotel accommodations, etc. Next, it’s time to contact the venue. Whether it’s an elegant hotel ballroom or a trendy barn on a farm, the wedding space is usually the bride and groom’s biggest ticket item, averaging about $12,343 to $14,006. Be prepared to [...]

How Brokers Can Profit From Our Coverage

We understand brokers position and we know how you work for the interest of your clients. By providing them with the best insurance options for their needs, you will build trust and commitment between them. You don’t want to sell a particular policy on behalf of an insurance company. By partnering with Eventsured, we make event insurance for brokers simple, consistent and reasonable. We look out for your best interest so you can look after the interest of your clients worry free. You already know you are getting the best deal with our company because insurance brokers can receive up to 10% commission on any policy premium! The commission will be applied when the premiums are paid. Also, as an insurance broker, you are able to add any fee. This will be in addition to the premium and the commission, and is entirely up to you as you work with [...]

Protection Before And After Your Wedding

It’s common for a bride and groom to be fully focused on the actual wedding ceremony and reception that they miss out in properly planning for the events that come before and after the wedding. Thanks to Eventsured, we provide coverage for bridal rehearsal dinners, bachelor & bachelorette parties, bridal showers, etc. Wedding insurance is important for the big day, but you have to realize that things can go wrong during the surrounding get-togethers as well. It can be scary putting down a lot of money for these events, but we are here to carry that burden. You can enjoy your wedding, and let us do the worrying. Our easy online quote calculator can provide a coverage quote in minutes. Which can save you thousands of dollars in the future. Protect yourself from liability arising from your bridal shower or parties. Coverages can include bodily injury/property damage liability, host liquor [...]

Retail Cart Insurance For The Holidays

The holidays are soon to be under way which means more traffic for your business. More traffic is ultimately a good thing for increasing sales, but it can also lead to more incidents and accidents. For instance, look at Black Friday – the running, pushing and shoving around the mall can lead to more injuries that can occur near your retail cart. So if you are not insured you can become liable to pay for any injuries that may occur. With Eventsured, we offer a variety of types of retail cart insurance to protect your business from potential risks. This includes injuries to customers, damages to your equipment, and a number of other risks. Our general insurance covers a variety of risk exposures that may occur while operating your mall kiosk and lead to income loss or financial burden from covering legal or medical costs. Think about what could happen if [...]

Don’t Break The Wedding Bank

Planning a wedding with a budget can take a bit of focus. Decide how much you and/or your family are willing to spend, set the budget and be very strict to not break the bank. While sticking to the budget you can still plan a fantastic wedding and we have a few tips on how to do so. See below for a list of ways to cut corners during your wedding planning to stick within your budget. Planning Getting a wedding planner is not always necessary. You can save a lot of money by getting friends and family to help volunteer in the planning of your wedding. Timing When you decide to have your wedding can mean the difference between paying hundreds or thousands of dollars. Try planning a wedding that isn’t during the usual peak wedding months. Instead of a summer wedding, a winter wedding can be just as nice [...]

Trade Show Coverage

As a Trade Show Exhibitor, we understand the amount of work that goes into setting up your booth. You make plans to set up a creative display to attract customers and get the awareness out about your brand, product or service. You plan for everything to go right. But you don’t plan for things to go wrong. And if or when they do, what will you be left to do? It’s normal to not think about the worst case scenario, but not thinking about it could end up costing you thousands! There are more than 10,000 trade shows every year with millions of attendees and exhibitors who pay thousands of dollars for booth displays, installation and travel.To protect your investment, potential profits, and damages that you cannot control, we recommend that every vendor get Vendor Insurance. What’s Vendor Insurance? Vendor Insurance through Eventsured makes it easy and affordable to insure your next [...]